Aerotech Publications Inc.
Since 1975, AeroTech Publications has been supplying the adlogTM aircraft recordkeeping system to individuals, corporations, military aero clubs, flight schools, universities, air taxi operators and various government agencies. Our maintenance recordkeeping system was designed to be the ultimate in organization and simplicity. 

adlogTM customers fly everything from J-3 Cubs, Falcon 50's and DC3's to Bell, Enstrom, Hughes & Sikorsky helicopters; from Beechcrafts, Cessnas, Pipers and Merlins, to MU2's, Citations, Hawkers, OH-58's, P-51's, T-28's, AT6's and even homebuilts!

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The adlogTM System is as Good as the Company it Keeps...
FAA Flying Clubs - NY State Police - NY City Police Department - West Virginia State Police - IBM Corp - Military Flying Clubs - Federal Agencies - Vincennes University - Purdue University - Ohio Department of Transportation - States of Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, South Carolina - California Highway Patrol - plus thousands of other satisfied users!


PO Box 1359 / Southold, NY 11971-0965
1-800-235-6444 / In NY 1-631-765-9375 / FAX: 1-631-765-9359

adlogTM and adNoteTM are trademarks of Aerotech Publications, Inc.