The adlogTM System
THE adlogTM SYSTEM is a total aircraft maintenance recordkeeping system. Its 13/14 color coded indexed sections simplify, organize and centralize all data, providing lightning fast retrieval of all maintenance, airworthiness directive, service bulletin and inspection requirements for your aircraft.

The adlogTM system is comprised of the following: (1) 3 ring binder, all new 8 1/2 X 11 airframe, engine, propeller and avionics log books, 13 divided tabbed sections (14 for FAR 135 aircraft) to include General Information, Aircraft Inspection Status, Airframe, Engine, Propeller and Avionics logs, Applicable Airworthiness Directives index, AD's Permanently Complied With, AD's Requiring Additional Compliance, and sections for Major Repair & Alteration Forms (FAA Form 337), Wt & Balance Papers, Factory Service Notes or Bulletins and 8130 Return to Service Paperwork.  All Airworthiness Directives with Index that apply to YOUR aircraft by make/model & serial number, engine & prop by make/model, magneto by make/type and all accessories on our copyrighted adNoteTM   format. The first years subscription service to the adNote'sTM   is included with your purchase. After the first year the subscription service for the adNoteTM  and yearly updated Airworthiness index is $25.00 for single & $28.00 for twins, helicopters and turbine powered aircraft at the present rates in the U.S.


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