The adlogTM System
THE adlogTM SYSTEM is a total aircraft maintenance recordkeeping system. Its 13/14 color coded indexed sections simplify, organize and centralize all data, providing lightning fast retrieval of all maintenance, airworthiness directive, service bulletin and inspection requirements for your aircraft.
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AD Computer Searches

AD COMPUTER SEARCHES: A computer search is  included, for all airframe, engine, propeller, and appliance airworthiness directives that apply to your aircraft. Each year prior to your annual inspection, a new updated AD computer search is provided at no addironal cost.

adlogTM   Revision Service

Furnished FREE with each system, a one year airworthiness directive revision service customized to your aircraft by serial number so you can be certain that you are made aware of new ADs as they are issued.

adlogTM Covers All Accessories and Components

adlogTM Covers All Accessories and Components after you return the adlogTM  optional checklist - so you will be sure of vital safety information on all reported components installed in your aircraft.

adNoteTM Data Pages

adNoteTM Data Pages combine the COMPLETE TEXT of each air-worthiness directive with its associated maintenance compliance form, and are divided into non-repetitive and repetitive AD sections that let you know instantly of compliance status.

Complete with Exclusive Inspection Status Forms

Complete with exclusive inspection status forms that keep you on top of all required repetitve activity-annuals, 100-hour inspections, transponder/altimeter checks! ELT checks, VOR checks, etc.

Organized for Logical and Straight Forward Upkeep

Organized for logical and straight forward upkeep,  saving you and your maintenance facility costly time and money.

Good for Your Aircraft and Good for You

Easy to keep up, and easy to check. Report from users indicate that an ongoing adlogTM System increases the marketability and resale value of their aircraft.

The adlogTM System for Helicopters... 
Turbine Powered Aircraft... Fixed Wing AircraftOperating Under FAR Part 135

An additional section contains a component replacement index and individual component maintenance forms for service, life, or TBO-limited components.
The adlogTM System is as Good as the Company it Keeps...
FAA Flying Clubs - NY State Police - NY City Police Department - West Virginia State Police - IBM Corp - Military Flying Clubs - Federal Agencies - Vincennes University - Purdue University - Ohio Department of Transportation - States of Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, South Carolina - California Highway Patrol - plus thousands of other satisfied users!

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